Once logged into OnlineExpert, a user may be kicked back to the log-in page when trying to launch the training, pre-test, post-test or labs.

Detailed Information:

    OnlineExpert uses cookies, which is set at the home page and on the log-in page, to help track the users identity and if the user is logged in. If a cookie is not set properly, OnlineExpert will allow the user to select the course and session, but when the user launches the training, pre-test, post-test or lab features, the user will be asked to log-in again.


    1. Change your Internet Explorer security settings to their default settings, allowing cookies to be used in Internet Explorer. In Internet Explorer, click on Tools from the menu bar and select Internet Options. Select the Security tab and select the Default button. Select the Privacy tab and select the Default button. Click OK and log into OnlineExpert once more.

    2. If you are using a shortcut, or favorite link, to access the log-in page directly without accessing the main page of OnlineExpert first, modify the link to access the main page first, there should be nothing after the .com in the address. If you are accessing the main page first, refer to solution 1.

Date Created: 10/15/2003 Date Modified: 11/29/07

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