After attempting to log in with your username and password, you see a message stating: "Username does not exist or the Password has been entered incorrectly ".

Detailed Information:

    After installation, you will be required to set up a user account when you run the software for the first time. Both the username and password are case sensitive. If the username and password combination is not entered exactly as it was the first time, the error will appear. The username and password for LearnKey CDs are stored locally on the users computer and cannot be accessed by LearnKey. The instructions below explain how to access the username and password that were entered upon installation.


    Please follow these instructions to get your previous username/password working:

    1) Start the training program (Start -> Programs -> Learnkey -> User log In -> Registration)
    2) Press the CTRL + F5 keys at the same time. If you do not get a window displaying your username and password, move to step 3. If you see a window containing your username and password, skip to step 6.
    3) Click on the Add User button.
    4) Click on the Acquire Licenses button
    5) Click on the Administration button
    6) Your user name will appear in the 1st column and your password will be listed in the 3rd column. Write this information down. This information is case sensitive, so take note of any upper case letters in your username and password. After you have written it down, click the FINISHED button 3 times. You should now be back to the login screen.
    7) Type in the user name and password you acquired from step 6 (please verify that you are entering the username and passwords correctly by ensuring that all letters are typed exactly as you saw them at step 6), using the correct upper or lower-case letters. Example: If the administration screen said it was Bob, do not type bob. The program will read these as two different words. These are case sensitive and will not work if you do not type it correctly.

Date Created: 1/15/2003 Date Modified: 12/16/10

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