You may run into a couple of different error messages when attempting to install the LearnKey CDs. These errors may include a false reading of your installed version of Windows Media Player (6.4), no sound card detected and/or a codebase error.

Detailed Information:


    Step 1

    Open "My Computer ", double click on C:, look for a "LearnKey " folder; if you see one, delete it. Next, double click on the "Program Files " folder and look for a "LearnKey " folder; if you see one, delete it as well. Double check to make sure a LearnKey folder does not exist in both locations.

    Step 2

    Go back to the C: directory and double click on the "Windows " folder. Scroll down to the bottom of the folder. In the screen-shot below, you will see six highlighted files contained within a green rectangle on the first row; delete these files. They may not be in same order as they appear below so you may need to search for them. If you cannot find some of the files after searching, they may not exist. After you delete the files, double click on the "regedit.exe " file located within the red square as seen within the same screen-shot below. DO NOT DELETE "regedit.exe "!

    Please continue on to step 3.

    Step 3

    When your registry editor window comes up, click to expand each individual folder as seen in the screen-shot below.

    Next, scroll down and look for a "LearnKey " folder. If you find one, delete it. If you do not see the folder, just skip this step and close the registry editor.

    Please follow the instructions below to reinstall your course/s

    Step 1

    Put your course CD into the CD drive. Cancel the Auto Run and explore the CD ROM drive by right clicking on it and choosing "Explore or Open " from within "Computer or My Computer ".

    Step 2

    Right click on the "Setup.exe " file and choose "Run as...(Windows XP) or Run as Administrator (Windows Vista/7) ". You will need to run the program with the Local Administrator account and type in the password. If you do not know the Local Administrator password, you can attempt to run the setup file by double clicking on it.

    Step 3

    After you read and agree to the License Agreement, you should see the installation path on the next screen. Please make sure you have set the installation path as seen within the screen-shot below.

    Step 4

    After you have completed the course installation, please install the update you downloaded earlier.

    *Note: If you receive a message stating the updater can not find files to update at this path, you have either downloaded the wrong update, you are installing it into the wrong directory or LearnKey course files do not yet exist on your computer. You must make an attempt to install the course before the update can be applied.

Date Created: 2/16/2003 Date Modified: 12/17/10

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