You can see the video but you cannot hear the sound

Detailed Information:

    If you are unable to hear audio playback when using the LearnKey software, then checking speaker power/volume, adjusting the sound card configuration, adjusting the system volume sliders, closing background programs, or verifying your hardware setup will usually fix this problem.


    == Solution 1: Check your Speaker power & volume. ==
    The first thing to check is if your speakers are connected properly, have the power turned on and the volume set appropriately.

    == Solution 2: Adjust the system volume sliders. ==
    Windows has independent volume controls for each different type of sound. To make sure the volume controls are not set too low or muted on your computer:

    1. Double-click the speaker icon in the status area of the taskbar in the lower right corner of the screen.
    2. Make sure that Mute is not selected for the Volume Control (Play Control), Wave (Wave/Direct Sound) or CD Audio sliders; they should be set to reasonable levels.

    If the Volume Control (Play Control), Wave (Wave/Direct Sound) or CD Audio sliders are not displayed, add these sliders to the list to be displayed:

    1. Select the Options menu and choose Properties.
    2. In the Show the following controls section, select the Volume Control (Play Control) or Wave (Wave/Direct Sound) check box.
    3. Click OK to close the Properties window.

    ==Solution 3: Make sure that Use Only Preferred Device is selected in the Control Panel. ==
    1. Click on Start -> Settings -> Control Panel
    2. Double-click on the Sounds and Multimedia icon (under Windows XP it is called Sounds and Audio Devices)
    3. Click on the Audio tab
    4. Take a note of what your preferred device is. If it states No preferred device then please see step 11
    5. Put a check in the Use Only Preferred device box
    6. Click on the Sounds tab
    7. Click on Asterisk, so it is highlighted
    8. Click on the Play button to play the sound.
    9. Do you hear the sound effect? If not skip to step 11
    10. If you do, click on OK and skip to step 12
    11. There is a problem with the way your sound card is installed in Windows. Please see your hardware provider to properly configure your sound card.
    12. You may have a faulty install of your Audio Compression or you do not have it installed. For more information from Microsoft regarding this error, please review the following Microsoft Knowledge Base Articles:;en-us;276423;en-us;141801

    == Solution 4: Close Background Programs. ==
    Close all other applications running on your computer.

    == Solution 5: Check the sound card for any conflicts with another device. ==
    To check the status of your sound card:

    1. Click the Start button, point to Settings, and then click Control Panel
    2. Double-click the System icon. (Windows XP: Click Switch to Classic View and then double-click the System icon)
    3. Click the Device Manager tab (Windows 2000/XP: click the Hardware tab, then click the Device Manager button)
    4. Double-click Sound, Video and Game Controllers, then double-click the sound card icon to open Properties
    5. On the General tab, make sure that the Device Status message is This device is working properly. If the device is not working properly, contact the sound card or computer manufacturer for further assistance.
    6. Under Device Usage option, make sure the Disable in this hardware profile option is not selected. In Windows 2000/XP the Device Usage field should indicate Use this device (enable)

    == Solution 6: Update your sound card drivers. ==
    Your computer uses driver software to send information to the sound card. LearnKey software may not be able to play sound if the driver software is out of date or corrupt.

    We recommend you update your sound card drivers on a regular basis. Visit your sound card manufacturer web site

Date Created: 1/16/2003 Date Modified: 11/29/07

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