When trying to install a new course, A message stating: "This Operation Requires Administrative Rights " appears and you can not continue.

Detailed Information:

    This error means that the user that is currently logged in is not registering as a Local Administrator. LearnKey software can only be installed with the built-in Local Administrator account if you receive this message.

    *Note user name required is: "Administrator ". This is the only account that will work. You will not be able to install with any other account even if it has administrative rights assigned to it.


    Step 1

    Put your course CD into the CD drive. Cancel the Auto Run and explore the CD ROM drive by right clicking on it and choosing "Explore or Open " from within "Computer or My Computer ".

    Step 2

    Right click on the "Setup.exe " file and choose "Run as...(Windows XP) or Run as Administrator (Windows Vista/7) ". You will need to run the program with the built-in Local Administrator account and type in the password.

    Afterward, please test the program.

    If the above solution doesn’t resolve the issue, please continue following the instructions below.

    Locate the files/folder seen in the screen shot below and allow the user "Write " access to them all.

Date Created: 1/16/2003 Date Modified: 12/15/10

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