"The course was much more involved than I thought. I had no idea how much Excel could do."
-Myrna D.

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Excel 2003 Course (Excel 2003 Expert) - Retiring July 2016

Expert Erin  Olsen

Nearly every organization today, regardless of size, uses spreadsheets to analyze data and do projections of future scenarios. Whether you're a spreadsheet novice or an experienced professional, the Excel 2003 course from LearnKey can help you gain more powerful skills using Excel. Expert instructor Erin Olsen uses practical examples to show you Excel fundamentals before moving step-by-step into more advanced topics like graphs, charts, formulas and macros.


  • Gain valuable skills and improve personal productivity.
  • Enhance career opportunities with acquired.
  • Enhance personal productivity and technical credibility.

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5 Sessions / 14 Hours
Product ID # 200268
Made in the USA

Single user price: $225

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