An opportunity as large as the ocean

The Blue Ocean offering is a highly specialized employment program with a very special benefit. We provide intensive job assistance including: resume review, job coaching, tutors, and weekly interaction with a career counselor.

Who can participate?

Students who have been accepted through our pre-enrollment process are eligible to participate in the Blue Ocean program. The pre-enrollment process includes a background check and a telephone interview in which an applicant's general aptitude, suitability to program, and general outlook/attitude are determined. Applicants who have a felony on their record are not automatically disqualified. Our enrollment board will evaluate these situations on a case-by-case basis.

Those who are not accepted into the Blue Ocean program may still participate in the other programs offered by LearnKey.

What programs or jobs are available?

  • Technical Support
  • Customer Service/Office Assistant
  • Project Management
  • Network Administration
  • Network Security
  • Web and Graphic Design
  • Life and Behavior Coaching
  • Sales Professional

How does it work?

The Blue Ocean program guarantees a job or opportunity to accept a job offer when the student completes their program on time.

Once the student is accepted into a program with an approved career path, a LearnKey representative will put together the curriculum needed to meet the needs of the applicant's chosen career. An education timeline will be provided and the student can begin studying for certification exams. Once the student has completed 75% of the program, the Client Services team will begin to set up interviews with hiring companies in our employer network. If the student doesn't get a job by the time they finish their program, LearnKey will extend an offer of employment to the student related to their field of study. Students must complete their program on time to be offered a position at LearnKey or another company.

Why Join the Blue Ocean Program?

We realize that even though we have top notch education programs, many graduates from our program still face two major obstacles in finding employment: They lack work experience relevant to their desired career, and they have large gaps in work history due to schooling or medical issues.

The Blue Ocean program was designed to specifically help the students who are in our program overcome these obstacles. Once students have completed their program, gained recognized credentials, and have work experience, they will have the experience and skills they need to obtain a career in their field.

How Long Does it Take to Complete the Blue Ocean Program?

Depending on the career path and student's commitment to their program, it can take 9 to 15 months to complete.

Additional Benefits

  • Weekly interaction and follow-ups with a member of the Client Services team
  • One-on-one question and answer sessions with content experts
  • Many certifications will convert to college credit