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The Art of Communication Course

The Art of Communication Course

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The Art of Communication Course

1 Sessions -
1 Hour of Interactive Training

Communication is perhaps the most fundamental business skill of all. The Art of Communication course from LearnKey will bring out the natural communicator in you. Learn to write compelling business documents, deliver show-stopping presentations, and conduct productive meetings. Discover new brainstorming techniques and find ways to turn on your natural creativity.

  • Discover clear methods for communicating information.
  • Leave a lasting impression on your audience.
  • Define and communicate your thoughts for better results.

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Session 1

Section A: Communicate

  • Self-Assessment
  • Introduction

Section B: Four Basics of Communication

  • Objectives
  • Audience
  • Technique
  • Summary and Call to Action
  • Assessment

Section C: Communicating Better: Writing

  • Reader's Point of View and the Main Idea
  • Brainstorming
  • Outlining and Aerobic Writing
  • Organizing the Document
  • Revising
  • Visual Clarity and Headlines
  • Assessment

Section D: Speaking Better: Presenting

  • Outlines and First Impressions
  • BEST Recipe and Signpost Phrases
  • Plan Your Conclusion
  • Delivery
  • Visual Aids and Room Choreography
  • Curing Fear and Self-Consciousness
  • Answering Questions: Q-BEST-Q Recipe
  • Asking Questions
  • Use Mistakes to Build Credibility
  • Assessment

Section E: Interacting Better: Meetings

  • Meetings are Costly Investments
  • Think Purposes, Not Meetings
  • Forecast Your Meetings
  • Leading Meetings
  • Public Minutes
  • Ending and Last Words
  • Assessment