A very good way to learn this topic. I enjoyed Erin's presentation very much
-Ricardo P.

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Access 2007 Course - 77-605

Expert Erin  Olsen

Relational databases are a critical component of our electronic society and now creating, maintaining, and utilizing them is even easier. In the Access 2007 course from LearnKey you'll learn how the ribbon makes it easier to find the exact tool you need and how easy it is to synchronize your database with SharePoint Servers. Expert Erin Olsen takes you step-by-step through newly designed database templates to management and security of data to presentation and data sharing. At the conclusion of this course you'll be organizing, retrieving and sharing data easily.


  • Gain valuable database management skills
  • Acquire leverage to better career opportunities
  • Learn the latest information technology

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5 Sessions / 15 Hours
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Made in the USA

Single user price: $225

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