"This course was outstanding! I really like the fact you can go back and review material that has previously been taught. I am going to tell everybody just how great a product L...

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ASP.NET for Developers Part 2 Course

Experts Andy  Baron , Ken  Getz , Mary  Chipman

In ASP.NET for Developers Part 2 from LearnKey, expert instructors Andy Baron, Mary Chipman, and Ken Getz continue their instruction from ASP.NET for Developers Part 1. They guide you through, in-depth, a variety of techniques showing ASP and Visual Basic developers how to build web applications with ASP.NET. At the conclusion of this course, you'll understand how to use familiar development tools to create and make use of web services enabled by ASP.NET.


  • Increase earning potential with technical mastery
  • Enhance employment opportunities with IT development knowledge
  • Gain new skills in a useful, productive manner

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7 Sessions / 18 Hours
Product ID # 371748
Made in the USA

Single user price: $495

This product has been retired or is not available.

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